Effies Paper
What we did
Website Re-Design, Website Maintenance
Project Overview

I remember when Kalyn reached me with that “HELP NEEDED” email. She had her website already built, but after some time it caught malware and was blocked by google. There were also some things that were not working well. And what’s the point of having non-functional website? We worked all night cleaning the website and by the time working day starts in the US she had her website up and healthy.
Our collaboration didn’t stop there. We did one additional website for Kalyn and we are now maintaining them both. We have also upped the functionality by connecting the website with her email marketing software through pop-up optin forms, added live instagram feed for her shop etc.
Effiespaper got a re-design after some time so now the website looks better and at the same time does the job better!

  • Malware clean-up
  • Additional website security measures
  • Website Re-Design
  • Pop-up optin form connected to Robly
  • Image optimization for better page load speed
  • Webshop Re-Design
  • Instagram Feed
  • New Blog Look